TED演讲者Kate Adams做过八年肥皂剧,曾担任艾美奖获奖剧《地球照样转动》的助理导演,对电视剧研究很深,她分享了从电视剧中学到的四个人生道理。


lesson1surrender is not an option 投降不是选择

肥皂剧:‌‌“All My Children‌‌”《我们的孩子》

‌‌“All My Children‌‌”'s Erica Kane was daytime's version of Scarlett O'Hara,a hyperbolically self-important princess who deep down was scrappy and daring. Now,in her 41 years on TV,perhaps Erica's most famous scene is her alone in the woods suddenly face to face with a grizzly bear. She screamed at the bear,‌‌“You may not do this!Do you understand me?You may not come near me!I am Erica Kane and you are a filthy beast!‌‌”


金句:obstacles are to be expected and we can choose to surrender or we can stand and fight(人生总会有障碍但我们可以选择投降,或者站出来斗争)

现实例子:Pandora's Tim Westergren knows this better than most. You might even call him the Erica Kane of Silicon Valley. Tim and his cofounders launched the company with two million dollars in funding. They were out of cash the next year. Now,lots of companies fold at that point,but Tim chose to fight. He maxed out 11 credit cards and racked up six figures in personal debt and it still wasn't enough. So every two weeks for two years on payday he stood in front of his employees and he asked them to sacrifice their salaries,and it worked. More than 50 people deferred two million dollars,and now,more than a decade later,Pandora is worth billions.


金句:When you believe that there is a way around or through whatever is in front of youthat surrender is not an optionyou can overcome enormous obstacles.(当你相信有办法可以解决你眼前所面对的任何问题时,投降不是一个选择,你可以克服巨大的障碍。)

lesson 2sacrifice your ego and drop the superiority complex放下你的自大和高人一等的情绪

肥皂剧:‌‌”The Bold and the Beautiful‌‌“《大胆而美丽》

‌‌”The Bold and the Beautiful‌‌“thought she was pretty darn special. She thought she was so special,she didn't need to mix with the riffraff from the valley,and she made sure valley girl Brooke knew it. But after nearly 25 years of epic fighting,Stephanie got sick and let Brooke in.They made amends,archenemies became soul mates and Stephanie died in Brooke's arms。


金句:Drop your ego. Life is not about you. It's about us,and our ability to experience joy and love and to improve our reality comes only when we make ourselves vulnerable and we accept responsibility for our actions and our inactions。(放下你的自大。人生谈的不是你,人生谈的我们,谈的是我们享受快乐、爱情和改善现状的能力,只有在我们最脆弱的时候,承担起我们所作所为的责任以及不作为的责任。)

现实例子:Howard Schultz,the CEO of Starbucks.after a great run as CEO,Howard stepped down in 2000,and Starbucks quickly overextended itself and stock prices fell. Howard rejoined the team in 2008,and one of the first things he did was apologize to all 180,000 employees. He apologized. And then he asked for help,honesty,and ideas in return. And now,Starbucks has more than doubled its net revenue since Howard came back。



金句:So sacrifice your desire to be right or safe all the time. It's not helping anyone,least of all you. Sacrifice your ego.(放下自己对正确和安全的渴望,並不会帮助到任何人,也帮不了自己。放下你的自大。)

lesson 3evolution is real 进化是現实的

肥皂剧:On television,static equals boring and boring equals fired. Characters are supposed to grow and change. Now,on TV,those dynamic changes can make for some rough transitions,particularly when a character is played by one person yesterday and played by someone new today. Recasting happens all the time on soaps.Over the last 20 years,four different actors have played the same key role of Carly Benson on ‌‌”General Hospital.‌‌“Each new face triggered a change in the character's life and personality. Now,there was always an essential nugget of Carly in there,but the character and the story adapted to whomever was playing her.


金句:we may not swap faces in our own lives,we can evolve too.We can choose to draw a circle around our feet and stay in that spot,or we can open ourselves to opportunities。(然我们不能在生活中变换面容,但我们可以进化。我们可以选择画地自限,或者我们可以向机会敞开心扉)

现实例子:Julia,her books and her TV shows revolutionized the way America cooks. Julia was a World War II spy,and when the war ended,she got married,moved to France,and decided to give culinary school a shot. Julia,her books and her TV shows revolutionized the way America cooks.


金句:We all have the power to initiate change in our lives,to evolve and adapt. We make the choice,but sometimes life chooses for us,and we don't get a heads up. Surprise slams us in the face. You're flat on the ground,the air is gone,and you need resuscitation. (我们在生活中,都有启动改变的能力,为了进化和适应环境,我们做出选择,但有时候我们不得不向生活低头,意外扇了你一个耳光,你躺在地板上,不知所措,你需要恢復知觉。)

lesson 4 resurrection is possible 重生是有可能的

肥皂剧:‌‌”Days of Our Lives‌‌“'《我们的日子》

In 1983,‌‌”Days of Our Lives‌‌“'Stefano DiMera died of a stroke,but not really,because in 1984 he died when his car plunged into the harbor,and yet he was back in 1985 with a brain tumor. But before the tumor could kill him,Marlena shot him,and he tumbled off a catwalk to his death. And so it went for 30 years.Even when we saw the body,we knew better. He's called the Phoenix for a reason.As long as the show is still on the air,or you're still breathing,nothing is permanent.Resurrection is possible.


现实的例子:CBS canceled my show,‌‌”As The World Turns,‌”in December 2009,and we shot our final episode in June 2010. It was six months of dying and I rode that train right into the mountain. And even though we were in the middle of a huge recession and millions of people were struggling to find work,I somehow thought everything would be OK. So I packed up the kids and the Brooklyn apartment,and we moved in with my in-laws in Alabama.Three months later,nothing was OK. That was when I watched the final episode air,and I realized the show was not the only fatality. I was one too. I was unemployed and living on the second floor of my in-laws'home,and that's enough to make anyone feel dead inside.But I knew my story wasn't over,that it couldn't be over. I just had to tap into everything I had ever learned about soap operas. I had to be brave like Erica and refuse to surrender,so every day,I made a decision to fight. I had to be vulnerable like Stephanie and sacrifice my ego. I had to ask for help a lot of times across many states. I had to be adaptable like Carly and evolve my skills,my mindset,and my circumstances,and then I had to be resilient,like Stefano,and resurrect myself and my career like a phoenix from the ashes. Eventually I got an interview. After 15 years in news and entertainment,nine months of unemploymentand this one interview,I had an offer for an entry level job. I was 37 years old and I was back from the dead.


金句:as long as there is breath in your body,it's never too late to change your story.(只要你还有一口气在,改变你的故事永远不会太晚。)




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